VP Vending Pack

High-quality accessories for your vending machine!


The inks are certified for use in the food industry.


The production technology of the cups does not include toxic materials and chemicals.


The print is composed of harmless, waterproof paints which produce attractive patterns.


The materials are fully recyclable and do not pollute the environment.

Our cups are consistent with the latest eco-trends, because Nature means all of us and to exist in harmony with it, we must protect it.

The team of professionals behind our company know that one coffee machine can run smoothly only if it is serviced well with high-quality supplies. This is the reason why our products are made by a special modern technology and are designed specifically for the professionals in vending sector.

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Paper cups


Plastic cups


The high quality of our products is of utmost importance to us, this is why the best raw materials which comply with the European and International standards for quality are incorporated in their production.

VP Vending Pack – Professional vending solutions!

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